The Details
CVM, Sari Silk, Soffsilk, Angelina, and Firestar
Worsted, 2 oz, approx 100yds


I don’t have much to say about this skein – it went togther so quickly I barely took any notes or pictures of it. It’s just a simple two ply worsted weight yarn, all the interesting bits come from the fiber prep. (sparkles! sari silk thrums! more sparkles!)

I will say though – this is my first skein from Saralyn, and, WOW. I can’t believe how soft this skein is, or how easy it was to spin. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like it at first – while cleaning it I just thought the fleece was a smelly, greasy, pain in the ass. But now I’m glad I put in the effort, and I know what I’ll be using for Little Buddy’s requested White Mittens.