The Details
Silk, Romney, Soffsilk, Angelina, CVM, and Firestar
Bulky, 2 oz, approx 45yds

A few days ago my husband and I needed to make a very big decision. So big and consequential that in any good SciFi flick a paralell universe would have split off from ours. There was a lot of hand-wringing, spreadsheet-consulting, and internet research that needed to be done so to keep my hands busy and my head clear while we discussed the matter I grabbed the ugliest, most country craptacular batt I’ve made to date:



found the leftover laceweight singles from Spiralling, and used them to autowrap the craptacular-ness it into a thick and thin single. I then used Jacey Bogg’s woolen finish to felt things up a bit and create some more stability.

It’s an interesting yarn. I definitely would not have made it in any other situation. It needs to hang in view for a while, to remind me of what could have been and that the right decision was most defintiely made.