I’ve joined a group on FB, A Spinner’s Study, that is dedicated to learning and fine tuning the mechanics of spinning. I’ve learned A LOT by just lurking, which is pretty much all I’ve had time to do since my family has this annoying habit of wanting to eat and wear clean clothes every goddamn day.

Every month they do 3 challenges – a breed study, drafting, and plying. I’ve seen some amazing work come out of this group and it’s really made me want to step up my game.

Since I had some fleece languishing in my stash I am participating in the August Jacob Breed Study. I’ve had some ups and downs with the fleece already (ram smell! failed suint bath! guard hairs! DRAMA!) but I’m finally spinning it up right now and am loving my new tool.


Meet The Yarnometer


I’ve been meaning to get a gauge for a while now, since all my WPIs are calculated by me just wrapping my yarn around a ruler. I chose this particular set because it easily let me know what a single needs to look like as I’m spinning it, without have to do any math to determine single size vs anticipated finished product.


If all goes according to plan I will have some very evenly spun sport weight yarn soon

In a previous life I would have relished doing the mental math but because I’m usually refereeing a toddler/preschooler smackdown and hopping up and down to take care of laundry or dishes while spinning this is perfect. I can now make it look like I know what I’m doing because attached to my spinning wheel are three well laminated cards that have a visual representation of singles on the front and a chart full of all kinds of important info on the back.


No more going down the Google rabbit hole!

If you’d like to have all of this insanely useful info attached to your wheel for a low low price as well, hop on over to Electric Carnation’s Etsy store. (note – I am in no way affiliated. I just really like my new tool and want to see people make money off their cleverness)