The Details

2.5oz of Romney, Gotland, & SoffSilk

8wpi/Aran Weight

approx 80yds

This skein seemed to just magically appear – I started spinning the rollags on a Friday night and was soaking the skein to set the twist Sunday evening. After the concentration of n00b some easy, brainless spinning and plying was in order.

I’m mostly happy with how it turned out, however the softness of the Romney and SoffSilk (note – if you are unfamiliar with the wonderfullness of SoffSilk – get thee to Camaj Fiber Arts immediately) are overpowered by the coarsenes of the Gotland. This is not a bad thing, as the curls add some great texture and a wonderful mohair-like halo to the skein, but it does relegate the yarn to being used as a hat.

I also forgot how much navajo plying eats up yardarge.

I overfiilled one of my smaller bobbins with fingering weight singles and just barely got 80yds of aran as a finished product. I love my Traveller, but it’s become a fight to produce any signifigant amount of yardage per skein, even with the jumbo bobbins. I think this means I need to start researching a new spinning wheel….