Because it’s been so fucking cold, and because this skein has been calling to me every time I’m down in my Fiber Cave, I knit myself a simple cowl while hiding from my children in 5-10 minutes breaks over the past few weeks. Because sometimes mommy just needs a 5 minute timeout.

As a spinner I think it’s imperative that you use your own yarn. I was so proud of this skein and thought that I had finally achieved a balanced art yarn. I spun some dyed Polwarth braid into a thick and thin single and coil plied it with a combed Romney single. The skein hung without twisting and there were no kinks in the yarn. Which is great. However the drape of the fabric is much stiffer than I’d like which means the yarn is still a bit overspun.

It’s still good yarn, and I’m still proud of it, but I’m still apparently looking for that sweet spot in the twist that gives a good sturdy yarn that’s soft and drapes well.