I’m a native of MI, but having lived in NC and TX, I will admit to being quite sensitive to the cold. It’s not what I would consider a fun time .* However, I think just about anyone will agree that a month with daily highs in the single digits is just fucking brutal.

Spiderman loves his hot water bottle

Spiderman loves his hot water bottle

The past two weeks have been rough. We’re forced to stay inside to stay warm, and by staying in close quarters Booger McFartypants, who has just discovered how to give kisses and hugs, has had ample opportunies to forcibly make out with share his open mouthed kisses/ head cold germs throughout the family. It’s not enough to put you out of commission, but it is enough to make you want to curl up in bed with the covers over your head. Or just follow your mom around while whining incessantly.

Enter my most favorite purchase of the year – a hot water bottle. This past week it’s logged some serious on-duty hours. I love it, Little Buddy loves it, and the cats follow it from bed to bed.

After a few nights of practically scalding myself on the hot plastic I wised up and raided my stash for some leftover Cotton-Ease and made up a pattern while binge watching PBS with Little Buddy during a much needed “sick enough to stay home but well enough to lounge around in the couch on our pjs” day. Now it’s just like hugging a warm sweater right out of the dryer.

*although it’s WAY better than 100+ degrees for weeks on end.