The Details

6.75oz of BFL, Silk Noil, & Sari Silk

7wpi/Bulky Weight

approx 135yds

There comes a time in every spinners life when the only motivation they have to finish a skein is to free up their bobbins for a project that won’t suck as hard as the one they are currently working on. I had high hopes for this skein, it was such an interesting combo of colors and textures, but alas, I lost all interest in it by the 5th rollag.

I think my biggest problem with this yarn was that I was working on it at the same time I was knitting my cowl. I was so determined to not overspin this skein that, in typical Sara fashion, I went too far to the other end of the spectrum – and any fiber I had been working on would have fallen victim to my severe overcorrection. There are thick parts that are so underspun that I plied the single with an existing yarn of long forgotten origin to insure stability. The end result is almost 140yds of soft bulky weight yarn that will now take it’s place in the dimly lit “Skeins of Shame” corner of the Fiber Cave.