Little Buddy had a very specific request for a scarf last week. As the mother of an almost 4yr old I know the drill – if a preschooler asks for something once, but only once, it was just an impulse request and they’ll have forgotten about it before the sound waves have reached your eardrum. If they asks two times it’s because their long term memory is improving, and/or they’ve been watching real TV instead of Netflix, so it’s usually just the annoying commercials talking (I’m looking at you Snackeez). If they ask three times, with specific instructions (it had to be BLUE and GREEN, and be made out of YARN!), and then hand you a ball of yarn out of your stash? Mommy better produce something, stat.


As invested as he was at the moment I know how fickle and/or physically brutal he can be on clothing. I needed something quick, mindless, and ideally something that already had holes in it so the new ones he’s bound to add will be less noticeable. So while NASlacker was at work, and the boys were at daycare, I sat home to watch a Bob’s Burgers marathon while crocheting. It was pretty damn awesome way to spend my day off and Little Buddy is thrilled with his scarf – parenting & personal win!