The Details
5.6oz of Soffsilk, Tussah, Sari Silk, and other random wool
7wpi/Bulky Weight
approx 144yds

Parenting has been hard for the past few months. Really, really hard. Little Buddy and Boogers are 4 & 1, and as I’m learning, raising little boys is like raising big dogs – if you don’t give them enough exercise it’s your own damn fault when they ruin your house. The problem is, we’ve had sustained sub-freezing temps since the begining of the year so the only place for them to expend engery is within the walls of our 1000sq ft house. Which results in everyone going crazy and my house looking like it’s been ransacked by a band of maurauding Oompa-Loompas who enjoy using whatever is left of the crayons they tag the walls with as chew.

To cope, I went downstairs to the Fiber Cave one night after bedtime with a bottle of wine, cranked some random Netflix, and proceeded to get drunk while making all of these rollags in the span of about an hr:


drunk fiber processing – cause that’s how we par-tay

The morning after I sobered up and was happy enough with the results, even if I did rely a bit too heavily on my pink fibers. The only problem is that I now have no fucking clue what the fiber content in any of them are. Sure I can pick out the soffsilk, firestar, and noils but can’t say for sure what the base wool is on most of them, which is kinda a problem when it it comes to actually spinning them.

My goal for this skein was to work on my long draw technique so I grabbed the first bin of rollags and hoped for the best. I kinda succeeded – there was a LOT of short, slippery (but pretty!) fibers in the rollags which made things a little bit (lot) harder for a novice. Eventually I got it to work and ended up with something that should be a Skein of Shame, but is so soft and colorful that I have to love it anyway.