The Details

2oz of Merino &Tencel from The Sheep Shed @ Mountain View Farm

12wpi/Sport Weight

approx 80yds

I’m starting to notice a pattern to my spinning. For every crazy skein of yarn I produce  I need to follow it up with a very tame, as evenly spun as possible so the balance of the universe is not upset. Because the balance of all life, or possibly just the force, totally depends on my spinning.

A few months back, in my post-Rhinebeck spinning fervor, I bought Jacey Boggs Faulkner’s book Spin Art and enrolled in a Craftsy spinning class Drafting From Worsted to Woolen. I got so caught up playing with the techniques in the book that I forgot about the class until someone on FB mentioned what a great resource it was. I went back last week to watch all the videos and it really is, Jacey is extremely technical, which is helpful for both beginners just getting started and seasoned spinners looking to refine their techniques.

This particular skein is a true worsted, made using the short forward draft. I tried using Jacey’s technique for drafting from the whole “tube” of combed top instead splitting it into strips, and I like it, but because it was different from my normal routine the muscle memory wasn’t there yet and the resulting yarn is not as even as I’d like. I navajo plied the single to retain the long color changes (plus hide most of the unevenness), and I’m pleased enough with the results. My next class is the short backward draft. I’ll be using another 2oz of the same top from the Sheep Shed so it will interesting to compare the two.