The Details

5.75oz. of Border Leceister locks

Core of Knit Picks Felici,

Plied with some random rayonish weaving thread

3wpi/Super Bulky Weight

approx 40yds

I have absolutely no clue what I will use this yarn for, or even if it will ever get used, but damn, was it ever fun to make!

It all started as an antidote to one of those neverending, cold, grey days that makes January feel about 150 days long here in MI. I had just gotten a new batch of dyes so to get myself out of a mental slump I decided that sometimes you just need to make your own rainbows.

sometimes you just need to make your own rainbowsFrom there the yarn just took on a life of it’s own. I corespun the locks on some leftover Felici and the coil plied it with some laceweight rayon. The only issue I ran into was, again, my wheel. My little Traveller is not a fan of art yarns so I’m debating the pros and cons of a Aura vs. a Mach III – any user opinions on either would be greatly appreciated.