The Details
Merino, some random PITA elastic yarn,  and seed beads
appox 63yds

I have a friend who says “I eat at White Castle once every year or two, just to remind myself why I don’t eat at White Castle.” My experience with boucle is very similiar – about once a year I forget my hatred for the process and start something that I have to force myself to finish.

The first spin is fun – the single that will be the loops goes quite quickly. I was working with a batt I got at a fiber festival last winter. The colors and texture were a bit “meh” so I figured an interesting ply would be perfect.

The second spin is a bit more tedious, and the haphazard throwing on of the loops tends to stress me out, as I ALWAYS overthink the process.

The third spin is a fucking chore. You can barely see the plying thread, so I tried to jazz things up with some beads. Big Mistake. Huge. The fuckers kept gettting tangled up and I barely kept my shit together while finishing it off.

So, another skein of shame. However, since I never seem to learn my lesson, expect to see another boucle sometime in fall of 2016.