The Details
3.75oz (106g) Merino & Tencel
wpi/Light Fingering-Laceweight
appox 527yds

I’ve always joked that one of the reasons my marriage works was because of our complimentary drinking styles – he’s a marathoner and I’m a sprinter. Back in our childfree days we’d go out and I’d have a few drinks in quick succession, get a nice little buzz before dinner, and then be done for the night. He’d drink through the meal, gaining his buzz as the meal progressed, but I’d be stone cold sober by the time the check was paid so he always had a ride home.

I’m actually still a sprinter in many ways (well, except when it actually comes to running), and I credit/blame my theatre background. I throw myself into things fully, work as hard as I can, and finish projects as quick as possible so that I can move on to the next thing. This would be why the majority of my spinning and knitting projects are small – I commit to them for the week or two, feel accomplished, and then move on. Sure, it means I never finish a sweater, but hats and scarves? My family is set for at least two lifetimes.

This skein though? It’s been a freakin’ marathon. 3 weeks, and over 1500yds at the spinning wheel on a single skein (2 singles, then plying). I’m proud of myself. I never would have done this if I hadn’t been challenged, because damn, it was hard. However, I proved to myself that it can be done. I just needed patience. And the ability to binge watch The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

You’re welcome for that little earworm.