This month’s spinning challenge is all about color. And math.

I may have been a bit heavy handed with the sparkles...

I may have been a bit heavy handed with the sparkles…

The colors did not blend completely as I anticipated. The red is bit on the cool side and the blue has quite a bit of green in it so it tends to get muddy in places. Blending was also not as thorough as it could have been due to my very sad, DIY comb and hackle that pretty much bit the dust during this project.

goodbye fair tools, you served me as well as some cheap China double-point glued into blocks of wood can be expected

Goodbye fair tools! You served me as well as some cheap China double-points glued into blocks of wood could have been expected to perform

But even with all those caveats it was still a blast to prep and watch the colors appear, thanks to SCIENCE!!!! (and the videos from Blue Mountain Handcrafts – someday I will have the money at the same time they have tool slots open. Someday.) Spinning it should be just as much fun. I’m shooting for a fingering weight yarn so that I can (hopefully) have enough yardage for a lacey shawl.

I will also be so sad when this Romney fleece is gone, it’s been such a joy to work with – great staple length, crimp, spins like a dream, and it takes dye so very well. However, I put a deposit down on a CVM fleece last fall that they’ll be shearing next month, so room needs to be made in the fiber fridge.